Ten Tips For Operating Toy Crane Machine-Chapter 2
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Ten tips for operating toy crane machine-Chapter 2

Jan 12,2018

Ten tips for operating toy crane machine-Chapter 2

1. Right placement of gifts
We suggest you to put only one type of gift in one cabinet if there are more than 4 pieces of machines, and try to place the gifts as orderly as possible, and put one gift in a good position on where the gift is easy to be won.Besides, it’s better to sort out the gifts if a player disarrange the gifts. It’s also acceptable to mix the inside gifts if your claw toy machine are less than 5 pieces.

2. Right winning probability
We recommend you to set a not difficult winning probability, figure out the right winning probability according to value of gifts, it’s reasonable to guarantee a 40%~60% gross profit rate. If there are many claw crane machine in one place, it’s better to set one machine to a lower gross profit rate, basing on your profit and make it easier for players to win prizes. Give it a higher difficulty if the prizes are expensive.(Just for a reference,need to be based on the feedback from players.)

3. Right strength for claw
It’s important to set a right strength for claw, a strength which has are strong and realistic will inspire customers’ enthusiasm.

4. Right placement of toy crane machine
It’s a good idea to put the toy crane machines next to entrances.And put them in order, eyes of customers will be easy to be caught once they get into your shop.

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