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  • china shooting game machine steel ares china shooting game machine
    Introduction Players must battle their way across America, Africa and Europe destroying the Decepticons before they find the All Spark, a material capable of bringing any mechanical or electronic object to life. 2 players 5 cities to defend
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  • carnival games for sale Lucky ball carnival games for kids
    About lucky ball carnival game for kids Roll the ball to specific area then you will get the price!Simple but exciting! Feature: 1.All hardware chassis, beautiful appearance design, suitable for medium and large children's   playground speculation use. 2. This setting requires special management 3. This setting uses sophisticated electronic settings, please use in good environment. Voltage : AC 220V Power :700W  Maximum power consumption 950W 4. Size: W3000MM*D3100MM *2750MM Weight: 350 kg How to start ● Adjust the volume knob to the middle of the appropriate position. ● The machine enters the demo state, there is demo music. ● Insert coin to get the ball, directly lucky ball rolling it. Precautions: The machine consists of micro-electronic components and precision machinery components, the process can not be rain, do not in the sun exposure.
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  • ticket redemption game machine Lucky ball ticket redemption game machine
    About lucky ball ticket redemption game machine It is a new Redemption game machine comes with 100% pure mechanical play,shining LED display enclosed inner loop ball feeding system, durable and daily maintenance free. Simple appearance and easy to play,NO.1 profit redemption game machine in our customer's game center! Features: Size: 890*687*2370 MM Power: 110v-240v 80W Newest Gear Game for redemption zone of the game center! People love to play very much.   How to play       1. Inser coins, star the game. 2. Turn the wheel to direct ball falling into any target at the bottom to win the tickets. 3.  Try your best to drive the ball drop into jp award to win the big bonus prize!
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  • Coin operated rides Coin operated rides musical carousel for three players
    About Luxury coin operated rides carousel This is a very attractive and popular carousel kiddie ride with cute horse theme. This luxury looking 3 rider kiddie carrousel ride looks very attractive with up and down ride movements ! With spectacular lighting effects to attract kids! Operator adjustable volume control. It works as a coin operated rides, but can be ordered for either token or remote control. Indoor and outdoor coin operated rides Voltage: 110/220V Cute horses rocking up & down while Rotating Carousel is turning around Playing time and coin/token can be set Electronic coin acceptor or remote control Three players Maximum load: 80kgs Suitable for kid from 3 to 7 years old
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  • Best air hockey table Best air hockey table spare cube air hockey for 4 players
    About Square Cube Air Hockey Square Cube Air Hockey features in bright painting with cute baby cartoon design mini size design especially for kiddies from 3 years old. This is for both 2 and 4 players coin operated air hockey, appears with smooth small playfield and perfect cute table. Easy operation. Players to win higher scores, shoot the puck into the opposite puck entrance by the pusher.There are 4 designs available. Features: Dimension: L1100*W1100*H750mm Weight: 80KG Voltage: 220v 50Hz/60Hz Power: 380W Player: 2 players/ 4 players How to play 1. Insert Coin at No1 coin selector, if no coin at No2 coin selector within 10second wait time, open two gates & enter 2P mold. Get puck, start game.  2.Within 10 seconds wait time, insert coin at No2 coin selector, other 2players enter game ,all gates open & enter 4P mold.  3.Each player has 10score  4.4P mold, player can hit puck into any other thr1
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  • prize games Noqi kids favourite candy vending machine
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  • AR Chairot racing game machine for kids AR Chairot racing game machine for kids
    About AR Chairot racing game machine AR Chairot racing game machine features in bright painting with racing design mini size design especially for kiddies from 7 years old. Easy operation. Player try to get more points by controlling the car on a touch screen!You can eighter set the play time or the game will be over when there is no life.  Features: 1-4 map include city,desert,ice mountain and land.The dificulty of each is different. 2-Single player mode o internet mode.You can invite your friends for a competition! 3-The car on the screen will jump! 4-Capsule or ticket reward available Dimension: L650*W700*H1450mm Weight: 35KG Voltage: 220v 50Hz/60Hz Power: 80W Player: 1 player
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  • carnival games for sale Ring toll duck carnival games for sale
    About Ring toss duck carnival booth game for sale Equipped with double booth,Ring toss duck is a carnival booth game suitable for family. The ducks will shake their heads according to the music and when player toss the ducks successfully, they will wave their wings. Feature: 1.All hardware chassis, beautiful appearance design, suitable for medium and large children's   playground speculation use. 2. This setting requires special management 3. This setting uses sophisticated electronic settings, please use in good environment. Voltage : AC 220V Power :700W  Maximum power consumption 950W 4. Size: W3000MM*D3100MM *2750MM Weight: 350 kg
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  • prize machine Giraffe coin operated games hitting machine
    Introduction: Giraffe ticket redemption machine is an eye-catching novelty with easy play mode.Players will get more scores when they catch more monkeys! How to play: Two play modes,single button and double buttons modes. -Single botton mode:Players keep pressing botton to catch the monkey and will be rewarded with points. -Double button mode:Players avoid attack of branch and monkey by pressing two buttons.The reward points will depends on the scores displayed on the screen Features: -Ticket machine -Set up with coin selector and ticket dispenser -Tickets and capsule reward are available Size:60*75*175cm Weight:75kg Voltage: AC220V/110V
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  • Noqi Baby speeds up kids racing game machine Noqi Baby speeds up kids racing game machine
    Introduction: BABY Speeds up is a 3D motion-sensing cartoonish racing game console, and you will feel exciting, funny and easy to play the game on a bright and colorful screen. How to play: 1. The game can be played by a single player or two players for competition. 2. After dropping a coin in the console, players can press the start key and enter the game role selection screen to choose a role and start the game. Players can drive the car at will by controlling the accelerator pedal and steering wheel. On the way, players can pick up candies to earn scores and various props to attack each other. If a prop for “time travel” is picked up in the game, the picker can start a time travel to the past or future.
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  • prize redemption machine Noqi Lucky numbers prize redemption machine for game center
    1-Company introduction: Guangzhou Noqi Electronics Co., Ltd. company have been specializing in manufacturing and exporting amusement game machines since 2013. We mainly manufacture toy crane claw machines, kiddie ride . With rich experience in this line of game machines business and professional sales team as well as top and experienced technical engineering team and after sales team, we’re pretty certain that we’re highly capable of meeting your requirement, solving your problem while offering your top professional advice as well as providing you with high quality built game machines to make profits. 2-Our advantage: 1. Years of experience in game machine industry. 2. Successful cases from dozens of countries’ game centers. 3. All-around and perfect profit-creating program. 4. Professional team offers technical support to customers. 5.OEM,ODM service available. 6. All our game machines have CE certificate.1
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  • prize games Noqi Cut your prize arcade prizes crane machine toys
    Introduction: Players use the two control buttons to try to make the automated scissors cut the string that holds the prize of their choice,  which releases the prize. Anyone can understand and play this game on their first try, making it a hit for all ages ! How to play: 1.Insert coins. 2.Move the scissors by controlling to choose the prize you want. 3.Keep pressing the button till it reach your target. 4.Win your prize if the rope is cut off. Features: 1.Self-developed motherboard with steady program. 2.Durable scissors blade,performs well even after working over one hundred times. 3.Challenge,adjustable probability and funny play method it’s easy for players to be addicted in it. No strict limit to the sizes or types of prizes. Both Dollar bills or Iphone can be put inside to attract players.
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  • prize redemption games Noqi Drill madman prize redemption games for sale
    How to play: 1. Insert coin. 2. Move joysticker left or right to control the push rod. 3.Press the "up" button, push rod will raise slowly. 4.Release the "up" button, push rod will push the prize. 5. Get the prize at prize window if your push rod pushed out the prize. Features: 1.Newest design and play method! 2.Entirely led lights on cabinet to attract more players! 3.Every hole have it’s own led lights,shining and eye-catching! 1.Self-developed motherboard with steady program helps to guarantee your profits!
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  • Noqi UFO hockey mini arcade game machine for kids Noqi UFO hockey mini arcade game machine for kids
    How to play: 1. Insert coin, colorful balls will come out from the hole on the surface. 2. Press the buttons to move the pusher, shoot the balls to other part’s hole, more goals get more scores. 3. Game over, get the tickets.   Features: 1. Lovely design for kids and adults, with colorful lights, UFO characters is novel for children, catch players’ eyes in the playground. 2. Classical ice hockey game, Simple and familiarized by kids, easy to control, and popular all the time in the arcades, playground. 3. UFO ice hockey can enhance parent-child relationship, make fun together
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  • Noqi lovely design bear ride amusement game machine for kids Noqi lovely design bear ride amusement game machine for kids
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  • redemption games Noqi fruit attack kids funny shooting game
    Introduction:  Fruit attack is a cute version simulator shooting game, design with attractive lights, powerful shooting guns, cute charaters which is favourite by children, that on a 37 inch high definition LCD wide screen, more fun and more realistic shooting game. Features: Fruit attack shooting simulator games player: 2 player 37 inch high definition LCD wide screen gorgeous lighting design high quality ticket dispenser installed
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