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  • bartop video game Double players bartop arcade video game machine
    Name Newest 2 players bartop arcade video game machine for sales     Material PMMA Capacity 1-2 players Avaiableplace Shopping center, homeuse, bar, club Dimension 49*36*30cm Voltage 110V/240V Power 50W Weight 5kgs Package Bubble film+strech film+wood box Warranty 1 year
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  • redemption game machine Happy soccer kids coin operated game machine
    About Happy soccer Mini soccer is suitable for children over 3 years old, you can buy 1 piece or 1 set (3 pieces). This is a multiplayer game machine. Easy operation for kid . Feature: 1.Bright and beautiful LED light effect around the top, it’s easy to catch kid’s eyes. 2.LED score indicator with two gleamy button on the console 3.High quality coin acceptor and ticket dispenser 4.50 pieces capsule for free Dimension: Single:68*42*115CM  One set (3 pieces):204*42*175CM Power:40W Weight:55KG How to play : 1.Put the coin and start game. 2.Press button to control the ball ,goalkeeper will swing around to stop the ball into the hole. 3.When the ball into hole , you will get the score. 4.If player get high score, then can get a capsule as prize
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  • Dinosaur china kiddie ride cute and fashion design Dinosaur china kiddie ride cute and fashion design
    About Dinosaur Kiddie ride Cute and fashion design with keep turning LED light kiddie ride.It is suitable for placing in shopping mall,supermarket,parks, video games park and other places. Feature : 1.4 different dinosaur designs to attract kid. 2.Keep turning LED around the base. 3.The kid can see the video when he playing the game. Dimension: 600*860*900CM Power:120W Weight:30KG
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  • ticket redemption game machine Crazy ball redemption game machine
    About Crazy Ball ticket redemption machine Crazy ball is suitable for children over 5 years old.This is a new redemption game machine with new luxury metal appearance. Feature: 1.Mental cabinet appearance with bright LED light around the machine. 2.We can set how many coin for a game (1-4 coins) 3.It has electronic counters that are never clear,automatically record the number of coins and tickets. 4.When you shoot ball into the hole ,then you can get the ticket. Dimension: W900*D1020*H2370mm Voltage:220V Material:Mental How to play : 1.Put the coin ,waiting the “start button” began to twinkle. 2.Pull rod , control strength , shoot the ball. 3.When the ball into the hole ,you can get the ticket. 4.There is no reward enter the “Try again”. 5.Enter the “JP hole” , you can get the prize.
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  • ticket redemption game machine Crazy frog ticket redemption game machine
    Crazy frog is a puzzle leisure game machine suitable for both adults and children. The machine takes the lotus pond frog as the theme, the whole body is given priority to with the fresh green, and matches with the lovely frog pattern, deeply liked by the children. After the game, the screen will also show the player's current game scores and the lottery. How to play At the beginning of the game, players just press the game button, the frog on the screen to grab and paste onto the big disk, you can get points and the corresponding lottery as a reward.
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  • arcade racing machine Full motion racing game machine
    About simulator arcade racing car game machine s This is a new full motion racing arcade machines for sale. The cabinet adding a flashing LED light and making the appearance looks novel and unique,  And the full motion experience will be adjusted according to your drving of arcade racing games for sale Feature 1.The game has many luxury cars and 5 tracks for choose. 2.High simulation steering wheel and full motion effect make driving experience more real. 3.High-quality seats and console make the machine looks luxurious 4.The game decorate with a camera, the player can take a picture before start the game  Dimension:W1300*D2200*H2260MM Weight:300KG Power:200-1100W Packing size:5CBM How to play 1.Inserthe coin, then start game 2.Choose the car and track  3.Depress the accelerator and start the exciting racing game
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  • capsule vending machine Magic house small prize game machine for sale
    About Magic House prize game machine Bright light from roof to two side , attractive light round the machine . Different cute prize to choose,you can choose your favourite one.Easy operation for kid and adult. It is suitable for placing in supermarkets, small stores, parks, video games and other places. Feature : 1.Mini house design with freshing shine light 2.6 position to place the prizes 3.Independent development motherboard, the program is stable and efficient.   Dimension: L60*W40*H175cm Weight: 40KG Voltage: 220v 60Hz Power: 100W-80W Player: 1 player How to play : 1.Insert coin to start the game 2.Press button the star will rise and press button again the star will stop. 3.Player will get correspondent reward if the star enters the hole successfully.
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  • china shooting game machine steel ares china shooting game machine
    Introduction Players must battle their way across America, Africa and Europe destroying the Decepticons before they find the All Spark, a material capable of bringing any mechanical or electronic object to life. 2 players 5 cities to defend
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  • carnival games for sale Lucky ball carnival games for kids
    About lucky ball carnival game for kids Roll the ball to specific area then you will get the price!Simple but exciting! Feature: 1.All hardware chassis, beautiful appearance design, suitable for medium and large children's   playground speculation use. 2. This setting requires special management 3. This setting uses sophisticated electronic settings, please use in good environment. Voltage : AC 220V Power :700W  Maximum power consumption 950W 4. Size: W3000MM*D3100MM *2750MM Weight: 350 kg How to start ● Adjust the volume knob to the middle of the appropriate position. ● The machine enters the demo state, there is demo music. ● Insert coin to get the ball, directly lucky ball rolling it. Precautions: The machine consists of micro-electronic components and precision machinery components, the process can not be rain, do not in the sun exposure.
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  • ticket redemption game machine Lucky ball ticket redemption game machine
    About lucky ball ticket redemption game machine It is a new Redemption game machine comes with 100% pure mechanical play,shining LED display enclosed inner loop ball feeding system, durable and daily maintenance free. Simple appearance and easy to play,NO.1 profit redemption game machine in our customer's game center! Features: Size: 890*687*2370 MM Power: 110v-240v 80W Newest Gear Game for redemption zone of the game center! People love to play very much.   How to play       1. Inser coins, star the game. 2. Turn the wheel to direct ball falling into any target at the bottom to win the tickets. 3.  Try your best to drive the ball drop into jp award to win the big bonus prize!
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  • Coin operated rides Coin operated rides musical carousel for three players
    About Luxury coin operated rides carousel This is a very attractive and popular carousel kiddie ride with cute horse theme. This luxury looking 3 rider kiddie carrousel ride looks very attractive with up and down ride movements ! With spectacular lighting effects to attract kids! Operator adjustable volume control. It works as a coin operated rides, but can be ordered for either token or remote control. Indoor and outdoor coin operated rides Voltage: 110/220V Cute horses rocking up & down while Rotating Carousel is turning around Playing time and coin/token can be set Electronic coin acceptor or remote control Three players Maximum load: 80kgs Suitable for kid from 3 to 7 years old
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  • Coin operated rides Luxury moto coin operated rides battery car
    About coin operated rides battery car A popular moto design with attractive lights and sound. Children can experience the thrill of driving. It is a battery operated moto where kids can experience how to drive! Also it can be adjusted to coin operated.It is a perfect choice to operate in shopping mall,square etc! Product details. -Motor power:250W -Battery:12V20A*2 -Speed:60-110m/min adjustable -Play time:180-240min/charge -Charge time-360 min -Max load-160kgs
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  • Super box 2 toy claw machine game Super box 2 toy claw machine game
    Super Box 2 Super Vault 2 generation doll machine, suitable for shopping malls, theme park, bar KTV and other venues. You can catch gifts, boutique, toys, twist, candy, dolls and so on. Revenue is very good.5 colors available:red,green,white,blue,yellow. How to play: 1.Insert the coin. 2.Start the game by moving the joystick. 3.Within the limited time the player could move front/back, left/right several times to adjust the target position. 4.Push the drop button to catch the prize. -Player: 1 player -Voltage: AC220V/110V -Power: 190W -Always win function available -Aluminum frame with tempered glass. -Automatic claw voltage control. -Attractive side LED bars -Error code on display -Coin & Prize counters(income management)
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  • Noqi 22'' Otrazhenie Pervoye kids racing arcade machine Noqi 22'' Otrazhenie Pervoye kids racing arcade machine
    Introduction: Otrazhenie Pervoye racing kids game machine has cool appearance and lights.The player need to complete the specified task in the stipulated time.There are a variety of props (gold coins, tanks, fire truck, Bigfoot off-road vehicles, plane...)in the process of the game, this can encourage players to achieve more happiness, also players can collect gold coins to exchange the corresponding gifts (twisted egg, lottery).   Features: 1 Track and model description: First track: City and Beach (one-way Lane) 5 models Second track: City Viaduct (two way Lane)  5 models Third track: City Viaduct (one way Lane)  5 models Fourth track: City and desert (two-way Lane)  5 models 2.Props description ( time limited ): Special note: props are on the trailer , drive the car to get props. Tanks:can only drive in the middle of the road, control the left and right can launch shells to hit the car for gold coins. Fire engines1
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  • Noqi factory direct sale space fighter battery powered bumper cars for sale Noqi factory direct sale space fighter battery powered bumper cars for sale
    Introduction: This kids laser battery bumper car is with laser beam fighting ,there are different colors for your option,Battery lasts up to 6-8 hours,This kids laser battery bumper car has laser beam as weapon,shoot the laser upon receiving point from the other bumper car, The other party will be disciplined by vibration, whole body light alarm. Features: 1.High quality special-purpose controller of fully digital control. 2.Strong Pvc tarpaulin with anti-collision tap. 3.Proven technology and a very stable construction.  How to play Use remote control to set the bumper car working 1-9 mins.  The bumper car with laser shooting game, once one player operate his car and shoot other player's car sensor, the other player's car will stop and begin to have shake feeling, it will shake about 3-5S and begin to work join the game again.
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  • Noqi indoor thrilling amusement ride battery bumper cars Noqi indoor thrilling amusement ride battery bumper cars
    Introductions: The difference between these three kinds : 1.Battery-driven bumper car's power by Batter. 2.Ground-Grid Electric Bumper Car's power come from Ground-Grid , it need lay armor plate on the floor , then input electric to the armor plate ,so the cars running on the armor plate. 3.Electric net bumper car's anode is in the ceiling and cathode is on the floor ,the ceiling made by sheet iron and also need lay armor plate on the floor. Specifications: Material Best fiberglass & rubber Size 1.92m*1.14m*0.88m Battery AC12V,60Ah Power 220-350W Accessory CE/UL blower ,repair kit and glue Passenger 2 persons Rate of Car 7~12 km/h Rotate distance within 3-15 meter( it depends)
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