The Right Sites For Placing Your Toy Claw Machine
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The right sites for placing your toy claw machine

Jan 12,2018

The right sites for placing your toy claw machine

Toy claw machine is a massive market with huge commercial opportunities. But many of operators don’t know where to place the machines.No worries,we are now sharing you some tips for choosing a right site for your toy crane machines!

1. Commercial complex,Super market and shopping mall.
Choose the below areas if this type of site:
a. Passageway to exit and entrance-catch the eyes of kids and teenagers.
b. Areas near bathroom.People usually like shopping in groups, and as we all know that nature is necessary, there must be some people waiting outside while others are in bathroom. Gifts of the arcade claw machine will attract them at this time.
c. Areas near restaurant or snack bar. People will chose to take a rest in these places after a tired shopping. They will have spare time for funny claw game while waiting a a queue.
d. Game center or amusement park. It’s indispensable for these places to earn a high profit.
Main point: It’s a best choice to find a commercial complex that in the early stages of development.

2. Walking street
The rental for shops in the walking street are usually expensive and thus not suitable for placing toy crane machine. While the central passageway is cheaper. With a large flow of people, it will get a good performance once attract the crowd successfully.

3. Large and medium hotel next to school or uptown.
Choose high school or university is better than primary school. Place your machines in the relax zones of universities, as well as some available dormitories in schools.It’s also workable to place some in hotel lobbies, to provide some customers a chance for relax when checking in.

4.Piazza&night market.
Choose the sites that with a large flow of people. Don’t forget to choose a site that is able to take shelter from the rain.

5. Some other public areas.
Movie theaters, KTV, Internet bars, Bars and station. These sites are suitable for self-help operation.

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