Noqi Let's Go Island 55'' Video Game Arcade Shooting Simulator Games
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Noqi Let's go Island 55'' video game arcade shooting simulator games
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  • Material:

    Wood, Metal

  • Type:

    Shooting arcade game machine

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  • Dimension:

    W255*D132*H223 CM

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Players take on the role of travelers,and must defeat dangerous living beings.Once inside,the players are immersed into the wonderful island adventure story.You don’t just play the game,you’re in it!

Teamwork is encouraged in Let’s go island in the 2 player mode, and there are many stages to play, each with a wide variety of unique features, only when the players win the stage can they play the next stage.



1.42 inches screen display;

2.Bright LED lights, Eye-catching decals and an interactive sound system.

2.Real seat shaking with full-motion provides real-world scene;

3.Simulate realistic scene and real gun shooting feeling with full motion .

4.Open frame design with funny shark head, more game performance;

5.Branch route design, every game has a different experience;

6.Nice shape,help to attract your customers;

7.A motion stop button to stop the seat,suit for children.

8.Made of fiberglass,higher quality.


1. Insert coin to start the game.

2. Hold you gun to wipe out the enemies.

3. Life bonus:Your life points will increase if you successfully defeat the living-beings.

4. 8 chapters, when finished one, then get chance to play another; 

 When you complete the 8 stages, you're the winner!!


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