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  • redemption games Noqi kids Subway Parkour reward redemption game machine
    Introduction: Insert coin,then press the "Parkour" button to start the game; Choose your favourite Gift in the image; Select the role of the character; Loading...,introduced the props;Start "Parkour" trip;When game over,will display the score your get,when the score is enough for the gift score. You will get the gift your chose.
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  • redemption games Noqi Shoot the ball party indoor classic arcade games
    Feature: 1. Shooting gun style beautiful, shooting pop ball super fun, to bring more popularity to the venue 2. The use of high-quality original coin, can also take lottery tickets and gifts is  very convenient, next to the two power amplifier shot, so that sound more shocking 3. Comfortable back seat double seat, so that players play more comfortable,  more happy How to play : 1. Put coin into the game, hold the fort ready to shoot 2. The screen appears a small monster to shoot, destroy it 3. The end of the game, the corresponding twist or lottery
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  • redemption games Noqi Rainbow paradise toy crane games for teenagers
    Introduction: Players use the controls to scoop up and pan for many toys as possible floating in the water within the time limit, then dump their treasures onto the unique weighing platform. The heavier the toys dropped on the weight scale are equals the tickets won !
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  • redemption games Noqi Istar Drummer kids music amusement games in mall
    Introduction: Insert coin and the game begins.Players tap the button to choose the drum songPlayers use their hand to be corresponding in the game in the process and then gain the score. The higher score they get, the more tickets they will get.
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  • redemption games Noqi Temple run classic arcade games online for sale
    Introduction: Temple Run lottery game machine is easy to play.Insert coin, press the start button to start the game.Control the direction of escape with the trackball. Through the barriers by turning left, turning right, jumping forward, backward slippage.The player can eat the golden coin which they met in their escaping way to score.
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  • redemption games Noqi Ghost bowling arcade game for indoor game center
    Introduction: Ghost Bowling lottery game machine is parent-child interactive game machine. Three players can play the game at the same time. LED lattice board display the time and score.Decorated by much colorful LED lighting.Exciting and wonderful game machine,attract more kids to play. Suit for game centre,shopping mall center,amusement park and other business purpose.
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  • redemption games Noqi zombie kids amusement parks arcade game machine
    Introduction: Zombie Running gift game machine is easy to play.Insert coin to start game.Press jump button to control zombie jumping. If zombie touch human,human will become zombie and run.When there have enough zombies, they can destroy some traffic facility,can get enough points and zombie.There are different function of tools for the game,can bring different parkour effect. When get enough points player can guess the treasure box,there have prize if bingo.
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  • redemption games Noqi Mr Hammer redemption machines for Euro market
    Introduction: King of Hammer lottery game machine is easy to play. Insert the coin to start the game.When the object come out, use the hammer to strike the hump. The LED light will flash from the bottom to top.The small LCD screen will show how great strength you has.The greater strength you has,you will get more ticket. More people like it and have a strong impulse to try how great strength has!
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  • redemption games Noqi Gold fort coin pusher machine for sale
    Introduction: Gold Fort lottery game machine (coin out) is easy to play. Insert coin, coins slip along the path and fall into any slot of “W” "I “N”, The corresponding lamp will be lighted.When all the “W” “I” “N” lamp are lighted,“WIN” wheel rotate a grid. Then win the corresponding scores.When rotate to “JP” grid, get the JP bonus.
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  • redemption games Noqi dragon punch machine punch game arcade power
    Introduction: Unleash your wrath and challenge others to overcome a battle of strength, speed, and reflex. Dragon Punch is the newest computerized coin operated boxing machine that will fire up any environment. Courageous designs and stunning features make Dragon Punch a one of a kind wonder. Dragon Punch is a proven wonder and a must-have in every location. Dragon Punch is equipped with a big electronic display showing the score of each punch. During the game, every participant can see and compare their result with the top score on the separate digital display. Once a participant shatters the previous scores, an additional bonus function allows players to play again. Dragon Boxing vending game machine (soft drinks or tickets out) is easy to play.Lights from above the bags light up to show the current score, and getting a high score about the strength of the hits. Perfect sports arcade ticket redemption piece for the younger game player1
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  • redemption games Noqi Olympic punching kick and punch arcade game machine
    Introduction: World Boxing Championship lottery game machine has 3 punches per games, press the flashing red button each punch. Punch only after the target has been loaded up/power of each punch is indicated by the pointer,the light signals and the score board. Tickets are to be discharged after each game.
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  • redemption games Noqi Music bean two kids ticket redemption game machine
    Introduction: Naughty Beans lottery game machine has fantastic sound and light, fashionable and compact appearance, making it has a strong appeal. A PK type naughty beans that compares two players’reaction speed.It’s suitable for people of all ages,making you smarter and healthier. Inflammatory prompt tone combines with the light switching effect,stimulating players’PK desire.Succinct design,adjustable height, convenient to transport.
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