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  • arcade games for sale Noqi dead storm pirate 55'' video arcade games shooting machine
    Introduction: Surround yourself in the "theater cabinet" of Deadstorm Pirates. Once inside, the player is immersed into the wonderful pirate story. You don't just play the game, you're in it! Unlike traditional shooters where players have to follow a set storyline and path, Deadstorm Pirates has 4 selectable stages giving players a fresh new adventure with each play. Play the game in the order you want. Players use both the recoiling gun and mounte steering wheel to shoot enemies and navigate through treacherous water all throughout the game. A new feature rewards cooperative play, a more powerful shot is created when players shoot the same target. Features: 1: Massive 55″ HD LCD display 2: Family-friendly gameplay 3:  High-reliability Guns 4:  Cutting edge graphics and sound
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  • redemption games Noqi Shoot the ball party indoor classic arcade games
    Feature: 1. Shooting gun style beautiful, shooting pop ball super fun, to bring more popularity to the venue 2. The use of high-quality original coin, can also take lottery tickets and gifts is  very convenient, next to the two power amplifier shot, so that sound more shocking 3. Comfortable back seat double seat, so that players play more comfortable,  more happy How to play : 1. Put coin into the game, hold the fort ready to shoot 2. The screen appears a small monster to shoot, destroy it 3. The end of the game, the corresponding twist or lottery
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