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  • Noqi 42'' Out run top arcade games racing simulator arcade Noqi 42'' Out run top arcade games racing simulator arcade
    Introduction: 1. electronic coin acceptors 2. reliable mechanism 3. real music 4. adjustable pricing /programming 5. A credit timer displayer 6. Prize meter 7. Generous and deluxe appearance ,humanity design for easy and confortable operation 8. New and unique programme .extremely attractive
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  • redemption games Top world running lights 4 players best air hockey table for sale
    Introduction: Hit the puck from your side of the table to the opponent's side within seven seconds or receive a penalty forcing you to give the puck to your opponent. Your opponent has seven seconds to return the puck or the puck should be given to you manually. Protect your goal constantly and hit the puck toward your opponent's goal at every opportunity available. Give the puck to your opponent if you hit the puck and cause it to leave the confines of the table.Win the game by being the first player to score seven points. Features: Ticket redemption 2 - 4 player Dual ticket dispensers Scratch resistant play field Center and side safety guards Chasing LED around play field and puck release UV overhead lighting gantry
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