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  • Noqi Time Crisis 4 46'' arcade games shooting simulator for sale Noqi Time Crisis 4 46'' arcade games shooting simulator for sale
    Introduction: 1. Insert coin, the game will begin to loading and tell the stories.  2. Each stories have relative introductions and missions, please follow the tips to play  3. The game has two playing mode: Attack and Dodge mode.  4. Step the pedal, you will enter Attack mode, pull the trigger then you can shoot; release the pedal, you will enter Dodge mode, you can change your plate armour and weapons by pulling the trigger.  5. You have four weapons, first one is pistol with limitfess bullets; second to fourth has limited ammunition, when you run out of ammunition, you will change to the first one automatically until you get more ammunition. When the ammunition reach to a maximum value, there will be indication appears.When Turning icon appears, please follow it. Features: 1. Coin operated electronic time crisis 4 arcade machine is special simulation gun design.  2. 42’’ HD LCD display will give a great visua1
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