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  • ticket redemption game machine Lucky ball ticket redemption game machine
    About lucky ball ticket redemption game machine An indoor game designed specifically for mass entertainment machine. It has a fresh and lovely appearance,machine stable and firm,and play easy to understand. Is the playground of the best entertainment products. It is also a good platform for leisure and entertainment between parents and children.  Feature:  1.The purpose of new gameplay,stimulate,full of leisure and entertainment 2.An elegant design,bright pattern、exquisite,tube material selection、iron and metal、plywood. Dimensions:W80×D116×H250cm The weight: 153KG How to play :  1.Insert coin and press button to start the game 2.Find the right time to press the button to make the ball go to the top
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  • ticket redemption game machine Crazy ball redemption game machine
    About Crazy Ball ticket redemption machine Crazy ball is suitable for children over 5 years old.This is a new redemption game machine with new luxury metal appearance. Feature: 1.Mental cabinet appearance with bright LED light around the machine. 2.We can set how many coin for a game (1-4 coins) 3.It has electronic counters that are never clear,automatically record the number of coins and tickets. 4.When you shoot ball into the hole ,then you can get the ticket. Dimension: W900*D1020*H2370mm Voltage:220V Material:Mental How to play : 1.Put the coin ,waiting the “start button” began to twinkle. 2.Pull rod , control strength , shoot the ball. 3.When the ball into the hole ,you can get the ticket. 4.There is no reward enter the “Try again”. 5.Enter the “JP hole” , you can get the prize.
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  • redemption game machine Happy soccer kids coin operated game machine
    About Happy soccer Mini soccer is suitable for children over 3 years old, you can buy 1 piece or 1 set (3 pieces). This is a multiplayer game machine. Easy operation for kid . Feature: 1.Bright and beautiful LED light effect around the top, it’s easy to catch kid’s eyes. 2.LED score indicator with two gleamy button on the console 3.High quality coin acceptor and ticket dispenser 4.50 pieces capsule for free Dimension: Single:68*42*115CM  One set (3 pieces):204*42*175CM Power:40W Weight:55KG How to play : 1.Put the coin and start game. 2.Press button to control the ball ,goalkeeper will swing around to stop the ball into the hole. 3.When the ball into hole , you will get the score. 4.If player get high score, then can get a capsule as prize
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