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  • prize games Noqi kids candy crane small crane machine for 2 players
    Introduction: Candy Crane machine offers a very affordable option for those looking to get into the candy crane market. Your customers will be drawn to the bright, attractive design, lighting, and sounds ! The newest Candy Crane is perfect for any location, players of all age.Interesting play method keeps your customers coming back over and over again. Features: Game time can be set. Two players independently at a time. Different kinds of gifts are available. 2-way joystick + electronic sound system. Programmable pricing and options Instructions: 1.Insert coins to start game; 2.Move the joystick to choose the gift. 3.Press the button to catch the gifts. 4.Get the gift from the prize door.  Customized Function: Muti-Coin Selector:can accept 3-8 different kinds of coins Always rewards:100% prize out . Card systerm
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  • redemption games Kids arcade basketball hoop game machine with prize
    About kids basketball machine game Dodo Basketball Machine for kids comes with a lovely designed basket board design, featuring with a structure can be folded down for convenient transportation, easy to install with movable hoops, 3 challenged levels, support 2 to 10 machines linked up games, attracts any kids from 4~12 years old. Introduction: Insert coin(s), Press start button Shoot the balls, 3 stages in total Two point per shoot; in last 15 seconds, three point per shoot.  Enter next level if reach pass score. More shoot, more point. Highest score can be recorded. Tickets or prize are awarded according to the score. 1-Company introduction: Guangzhou Noqi Electronics Co., Ltd. company have been specializing in manufacturing and exporting amusement game machines since 2013. We mainly manufacture toy crane claw machines, kiddie ride . With rich experience in this line of game machines business and professional sales team as well a1
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  • Noqi elephant kiddie ride arcade amusement ride Noqi elephant kiddie ride arcade amusement ride
    Introduction: 1. 17"LCD high clear appearance 2. Real riding experience. 3. Attractive sound and LED lights 4: Adjustable sound volume. 5. Try to get scores as many as possible.
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  • racing simulator for sale Noqi 42'' Dirty Driving indoor ultimate racing arcade machine
    Introduction: 42" Monitor For HD Graphics 14 Outrageous Tracks  10 Extremely Wild Rides 100s of Awesome Vehicle Upgrades  Keypad-Based Player Account System Linked Play-Link Up To 8 Seats
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  • kiddie ride Noqi super fancy car kiddie ride for sale
    Introduction: This new car  kiddie ride of features realistic shape and color, that moves toward back-ward, up  and down. It can seat one child. Features: · 1 player · Indoor game, suitable for kids from 3 to 7 years old · Playing time can be set from 2 minutes to 5 minutes · mechanical type coin selector · Made with fiberglass material and metal framework Different models to choose:
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  • Noqi 22'' Otrazhenie Pervoye kids racing arcade machine Noqi 22'' Otrazhenie Pervoye kids racing arcade machine
    Introduction: Otrazhenie Pervoye racing kids game machine has cool appearance and lights.The player need to complete the specified task in the stipulated time.There are a variety of props (gold coins, tanks, fire truck, Bigfoot off-road vehicles, plane...)in the process of the game, this can encourage players to achieve more happiness, also players can collect gold coins to exchange the corresponding gifts (twisted egg, lottery).   Features: 1 Track and model description: First track: City and Beach (one-way Lane) 5 models Second track: City Viaduct (two way Lane)  5 models Third track: City Viaduct (one way Lane)  5 models Fourth track: City and desert (two-way Lane)  5 models 2.Props description ( time limited ): Special note: props are on the trailer , drive the car to get props. Tanks:can only drive in the middle of the road, control the left and right can launch shells to hit the car for gold coins. Fire engines1
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  • prize games Noqi Treasure hunt III win the prize arcade game machine
    Introduction: It is easy to play and it has lots of chance to get the prize.The place of prize is adjustable,its limitation is much lower. You can control the amount of prize to get a high profit.
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  • redemption games Noqi deluxe street basketball game machine for adults
    Introduction: The better the player is, the longer they are able to play! And the Street Basketball (Deluxe) is linkable to other units for engaging, multi-player basketball player competition to encourage group play !  One or Two player game and Links up to 15 machines at no additional cost , Ticket Redemption option included , Compact size with solid black metal construction, Wire sides, top and lower sections , Available in Full Size, 4 stages of play , Side to side basket movement , High Score Play , Great sound system with standard, Sub Woofer for throbbing great action sound, Colorful Heavy Duty Black Logo Basketballs, Steel Chain Basket Net, Many Operator Adjustments, 1 year Front to Back- Top to Bottom Warranty. Features: 1. Fun Game Play and Sound - Suitable For All Ages 2. Bright, Dependable, Long Lasting LED Lighting 3. Attractive, Eye-Catching Game Cabinet ! 4. Operator Programmable Game Settings 5. Convenient + Large P1
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  • Noqi Fury Bird kiddie park kiddie ride coin operated Noqi Fury Bird kiddie park kiddie ride coin operated
    Introduction: This kiddie ride is produced with the industry's high quality materials to ensure ride longevity and rider safety, while providing the best service in the business! Ride operation is simple; Insert coins and the machine begins to move with either a rocking motion, side to side, up and down or around.  While the ride is on it produces pleasing digital music geared for kids. Pricing for each ride is 1 to 5 coins, and ride time is programmable from 30 seconds up to 5 minutes. Ride settings can be adjusted very easily. Features:  1 user.  Adjustable sound volume.  Lights and sound.
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  • racing simulator for sale Noqi 42'' H2 Over Drive unblocked arcade games racing simulator
    Introduction: A 32" hi-def LCD panel delivers "in-your-face" stunning Next-Gen graphics. Force-feedback steering, beefed-up throttle and a powerful seat subwoofer immerse players in the high-speed action. Players are able to create a profile to save accomplishments, which keeps them coming back for more. Create even more competition by linking up to 8 cabinets.
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  • Noqi PP Tiger II attractive crane games with running llights Noqi PP Tiger II attractive crane games with running llights
    Introduction: The crane is designed with the operator in mind, and adds awesome LED illuminated brilliance to any location! This beautiful crane features fully lit front panels with colors cast by running LED Lights available in a variety of colors. It adds elegance and attraction anywhere it is located, and players will be drawn to these colorful new modern cranes, which will be reflected in your cash box profits !  Features: ▪ Plush Crane and Candy Crane All in One! ▪ Programmable Pricing and Options ▪ Electronic Sounds ▪ Prize Detection Function ▪ Secure Exit Door ▪ Vends Plush
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  • Noqi classic train kiddie rides for sale online Noqi classic train kiddie rides for sale online
    Introduction: Classic Train Kiddie Ride is a two players kiddie ride made of eyes-catching painted with high quality fiberglass, that moves toward back-ward, up and down. Both indoor and outdoor use are available.Suitable for kids from 3 to 7 years old. voltage: 110V or 220V player: one player or two players Different models to choose:
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  • Noqi popular fast gun king shooting simulator equipment Noqi popular fast gun king shooting simulator equipment
    Game instructions: 1]Amusement shooting gun vending machine with brilliant appearance design. 2] Shooting gun with explosion as well as rapid mode. 3]High quality, fast installation, unique shape and simple operation. 4]12 month free charge of warranty provided. 5] CE approval 6] One-stop solution by self-researching, developing and manufacturing.   Coin operated amusement laser shooting simulator game machine for sale Features: 1] Connection style:4-8 pieces, no coin operated game mode 2] Repid consecutive shooting. 3] Realistic gun feeling. 4] Multy reward ways( coin or ticket) 5] Connection board shows the highest record of the machine. Operation suggestions 1.Insert the coin,use the dynamic gun to shoot the heart of the bottle quickly. 2.After passing the round 1, bottle will be moving to round 2, 3, 4 . 3.10 rounds of the game, moving speed will be faster and faster.  
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  • Noqi good quality claw machine cheap for mall Noqi good quality claw machine cheap for mall
    Introduction: Your customers will love these prize claw arcade machines! Insert coins to activate the claw, and guide the crane until it's over your favourite prize! But be extra careful - the claws are notoriously unreliable. These prize claw machines attract young players and others, making for a popular and lucrative feature in your arcade. Features: 1: Attractive Running Lights. 2: Programmable Pricing and Options. 3: Interactive Sound System 4: Play Till You Win Option - On/Off Dip Switch Setting 5: Multi coin acceptor and bill acceptor optional. FAQ 1.Minimum order quantity? ---For new customers, they can place a trial order to test the product’s quality and the sales in their markets.   2.If the voltage and plug of your product will come with my standard? ---We will confirm Voltage and plug with customer and produce machines as the customer’s request.   3.If your company can custom product as my requ1
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  • redemption games Noqi fruit attack kids funny shooting game
    Introduction:  Fruit attack is a cute version simulator shooting game, design with attractive lights, powerful shooting guns, cute charaters which is favourite by children, that on a 37 inch high definition LCD wide screen, more fun and more realistic shooting game. Features: Fruit attack shooting simulator games player: 2 player 37 inch high definition LCD wide screen gorgeous lighting design high quality ticket dispenser installed
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  • prize games Noqi luxury dolphin attractive prize redemption machine
    Introduction: Players first select the prize they wish to win, then aim for the corresponding numbered hole. While the arm is moving, players push the release button on reaching the desired target - If the "Dolphin" successfully passes through the hole, players wins that prize !  Features: 1: Simple to play button controls 2: Simple prize pins make refilling easy 3: Brightly lit all steel cabinet 4: Coin, bills, or Swipe Card available
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