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  • Noqi Magic train amusement rides for sale Noqi Magic train amusement rides for sale
    Introduction: This kiddie ride is produced with the industry's highest quality materials to ensure ride longevity and rider safety, while providing the best service in the business! Ride operation is simple; Insert coins and the machine begins to move with either a rocking motion, side to side, up and down or around.  While the ride is on it produces pleasing digital music geared for kids. Pricing for each ride is 1 to 5 coins, and ride time is programmable from 30 seconds up to 5 minutes. Ride settings can be adjusted very easily. Features: 1. It is one good outdoor & indoor playground set, very popular with kids and teenagers. 2. W/top and doors, more safe to kids. 3. Cartoon shape, brilliant colors, and sweet music are more attractive.
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  • Crazy toy 3 Arcade Games Claw Machine Crazy toy 3 Arcade Games Claw Machine
    About Crazy toy 3 Arcade Games Claw Machine  31 inch crazy toy 3 claw machine is a skillful with lovely and shinning lights, around with bright colorful lighting bar design.It will be the best profitbable crane machine at the game center or shipping mall for both kids and adults Introduction: Attractive 1 Player Crane-Crazy Baby. Attractive Running Lights. Programmable Pricing and Options. Electronic Sounds. Prize Storage and Prize Detection.  Features: 1: Attractive Running Lights. 2: Programmable Pricing and Options. 3: Interactive Sound System 4: Play Till You Win Option - On/Off Dip Switch Setting 4: Multi coin acceptor and bill acceptor optional.
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  • Good quality dinosaur kiddie ride machines Good quality dinosaur kiddie ride machines
    Features: 1. 17"LCD high clear appearance 2. Real riding experience. 3. Attractive sound and LED lights 4: Adjustable sound volume. 5. Try to get scores as many as possible. Introduction: Take an adventurous ride on the fantastic Donkey Star, the next big thing in edutainment ! Children will absolutely  love to “take the reins” and steer a make-believe Donkey on fun underwater missions ! By learning vocabulary words and collecting fruits, players collect points which can earn them bonuses: like tickets or even more ride time (programmable).
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  • redemption games Noqi 2 players worm air hockey table game for mall
    Introduction: It is a vivid game machine gives player a real attraction.Kids can exercise muscle and action.Hot and popular in the world market. Mini size special design for kids.Suit for game zone,amusement park,and other business purpose. Brand new addition to our very popular line up of air hockey games. This table is actually made for kids... it's at their height and they feel extremely comfortable in playing. The unit is also very attractive and extremely colorful. The playing surface is made of 1/2" thick acrylic... a very durable surface. We cannot keep this unit in stock so try one today! Features: Top playfield made of acrylic Game designed with the preschooler player in mind - game is less that 2.5 feet tall! Ideal for FEC locations Game scoring system can be seen right on the playfield surface
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  • 38 inch big crazy toy 2 toy claw machine 38 inch big crazy toy 2 toy claw machine
     About big crazy toy 2 toy claw machine This large size crane machine equpped a 25cm claw. It has a single joystick, one button and comes with the "winner every time" option. -Background music can be changed by owner -standing wheels: big locking wheels for easy moving -coin box: strong coin box with metal doors and locks -glass: tempered safety glass -bright LED lights in both corners and top
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  • virtual reality simulator New developed kids VR virtual simulator
    About kids VR simulator game machine Kid VR simulator are a new developed products for 3 - 10 years old children with a new education concept while plaing the game. Players will be experienced the fantasy virtual game world by the operation of hand-held VR glasses and will get tickets or capsules depended on their scores. Easy to play : By operating VR hand-held glasses, Control the Left and Right keys of the VR glasses to choose the game and start the game. VR Hand-held Glasses Each Machine is equipped with VR hand-held glasses for you to experience a 360 ° panoramic view. To create an immersive environment, The person who wearing VR hand-held glasses once turn the head and the scene will move accordingly ;  Glasses Handle each have two button, The Front used to assist the experimenter to complete the main interface of the operation and puzzle game scenes in the interaction, such as the choice of games, into the game, switching ga1
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  • redemption game machine Dozen devil redemption game machine
    About Dozen devil redemption ticket redemption machine Dozen devil Redemption game Machine is a new shooting games redemption machine, it has two guns for two players to play at the same time. Featuring with vivid game content and shooting experience, it is suitable for player at any age.  Dozen devil Redemption Arcade Machine will be the most popular amusement machine for the indoor game center and it is essential for income by its modern design, beautiful and colorful lighting effect, simple operation, safe and reliable. How to play  - insert coins - press the start button - select the game level, start the game - shooting to get full of power within limited time will enter next level, the more power was got the more tickets will be won.
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  • redemption game machine Attack Pirate 2 ticket redemption machine
    About Attack Pirate 2 ticket redemption machine Attack Pirate 2 is a very funny air gun shooter game machine, featuring in modern and high-quality pirate attack cabinet. Players control the gun as if driving the boat.Shooting the targets to knock down the moving figures as many as possible as to gain scores for winning tickets.  More moving targets was shot, more tickets player gets. Skill based air gun shooting game player: single player voltage: 110V/220V high quality coin acceptor and ticket dispenser installed FAQ 1.Minimum order quantity? ---For new customers, they can place a trial order to test the product’s quality and the sales in their markets.   2.If the voltage and plug of your product will come with my standard? ---We will confirm Voltage and plug with customer and produce machines as the customer’s request.   3.If your company can custom product as my required and put my logo on? ---All of our product are de1
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  • Noqi big dog  coin operated kiddie ride for sale Noqi big dog coin operated kiddie ride for sale
    Introduction: The coin operated rides are one of the best and most consistent money-making amusement machines in the arcade for younger aged children. For almost 100 years children have enjoyed the thrill of riding these horse, train and car rides. Kids from 2 to 10 years old, enjoy the continuous motion, bright flashing lights and realistic sound effects that modern kiddie rides can create. Because there are so few amusement devices being made specifically for young children, kiddie rides are becoming more and more important to have in business locations that entertain kids. Different models to choose:
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  • redemption game machine Noqi Halloween 2 players ball throwing arcade game machine
    Feature 1.Cute and attractive advertising board,  beautiful LED light 2.Agile game to exercise children's responsiveness. 3.Funny and interesting Pumpkin image, kids like to play it 4.Good cost performance and fast cost recovery. How to play 1. insert coins to start game; throw ball to select game; 2. shoot ball to screen, hit the monsters to get points; 3. many levels, after reach target score free into Boss level. 
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  • 38 inch toy castle toy crane machine for sale 38 inch toy castle toy crane machine for sale
     About toy castle toy crane machine toy castle toy claw machine which equipped high strong cabinet with big locking wheels for easy moving, easy to fill extra deep product area with included removable platform. -Background music can be changed by owner -standing wheels: big locking wheels for easy moving -coin box: strong coin box with metal doors and locks -glass: tempered safety glass -bright LED lights in both corners and top -display: play time and credit,error code -Bill acceptor is optional
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  • prize games Noqi Cut your prize arcade prizes crane machine toys
    Introduction: Players use the two control buttons to try to make the automated scissors cut the string that holds the prize of their choice,  which releases the prize. Anyone can understand and play this game on their first try, making it a hit for all ages ! How to play: 1.Insert coins. 2.Move the scissors by controlling to choose the prize you want. 3.Keep pressing the button till it reach your target. 4.Win your prize if the rope is cut off. Features: 1.Self-developed motherboard with steady program. 2.Durable scissors blade,performs well even after working over one hundred times. 3.Challenge,adjustable probability and funny play method it’s easy for players to be addicted in it. No strict limit to the sizes or types of prizes. Both Dollar bills or Iphone can be put inside to attract players.
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  • Key Master Machine Noqi Key Master Machine Gold Win Prizes Redemption Games for Mall
    Introduction: Golden Key will test your player's skills as they try to unlock prizes by putting the key in "just" the right spot! Easy to understand and fun to play! It's the perfect prize vending game for all ages! Features: -Incredibly easy to replenish prizes with no need for locking bars. Prizes are secured on their spring loaded prize arms and can't be shaken off. -All Steel Cabinet with triple-locking bar. Glass - not plastic - viewing panels. Widest range of operator adjustable features in prize vending category with 3 independent prize levels, each adjustable to their own reward level.  -Reward levels so flexible, you can set the game up to give a car away and "still" make an excellent ROI !  -Adjustable prize arm configurations allow for wide range of prize sizes including the popular Apple I-Pad. 
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  • arcade machine racing simulator super bike II Noqi arcade machine racing simulator super bike II
    Introduction: Super Bikes 2 is the sequel to the mega-hit motorcycle racing game. A totally redesigned compact cabinet allows the game to be placed in virtually any location. A 42" LCD panel for HD graphics allows players to feel like they are part of the action. Super Bikes 2 features 11 all-new challenging race courses, 12 all-new super charged bikes and 9 all-new awesome riders to pick from. Customize bikes with all-new upgrade options and easily save your player profile with keypad entry. Links up to 8 seats for competitive racing against your friends.  FEATURES -42" LCD Panel -Compact Cabinet -Customize Bikes -Links Up To 8 Machines -Player Profile Storage -High powered DELL Computer with New RIO Electronics 
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  • Luxury LED light toy claw machine for 7 inch toys Luxury LED light toy claw machine for 7 inch toys
    Features: 1: Attractive Running Lights. 2: Programmable Pricing and Options. 3: Interactive Sound System 4: Play Till You Win Option - On/Off Dip Switch Setting 5: Multi coin acceptor and bill acceptor optional.
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  • virtual reality simulator Most popular VR Hyperspace Platform htc vive flight simulator
    Features 1.Size:3300*3000*2450mm  2.Power:1.1kw      3. with 65 inch lcd display   4.Endless Tour Walking VR platform;                                                        5.Laser spatial orientation,large professional pvc plastic flooring and safety barriers;                                                  6.HTC VIVE VR  40  pcs interactive games 7. Space: 10m² Choose Htc Vive, 5 advantages for you ! 1.World premiere+Exclusive features 2.Small business location (only 2-9 square meter) 3.Wireless operation, no need to install. 4.Full automatic mode,1 person for operation 5.Professional after-sale service, life long maintenance! Application1
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