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  • Noqi kids racing prize redemption arcade video game machines Noqi kids racing prize redemption arcade video game machines
    Introduction: This brand new Transformers car racing game machine takes kids on a fun-filled exciting journey through different kinds of tracks! The whole set of transformers car racing game shows an eye-catching picture to your customers , with the ability to deliver outstanding earnings and performance coupled with a factory price.   Features: Attractive LED Lighting entirely. Steering wheel with 360 degrees rotation. Five tracks for choice. Many props for transformation. Bonus according to the score. Electronic sound system. Programmable pricing and options   Instructions: 1.Insert coins to start the game. 2.There are 4 game scenes and 20 car model to choose, 3.In the racing process, try to avoid all the obstacles, eat more gold coins.    During the race also can eat a variety of special features or weapons, such as jumping, energy cannon,can effectively destroy obstacles 4.. Fin1
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  • ticket redemption game machine Lucky ball ticket redemption game machine
    About lucky ball ticket redemption game machine It is a new Redemption game machine comes with 100% pure mechanical play,shining LED display enclosed inner loop ball feeding system, durable and daily maintenance free. Simple appearance and easy to play,NO.1 profit redemption game machine in our customer's game center! Features: Size: 890*687*2370 MM Power: 110v-240v 80W Newest Gear Game for redemption zone of the game center! People love to play very much.   How to play       1. Inser coins, star the game. 2. Turn the wheel to direct ball falling into any target at the bottom to win the tickets. 3.  Try your best to drive the ball drop into jp award to win the big bonus prize!
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  • ticket redemption game machine Crazy frog ticket redemption game machine
    Crazy frog is a puzzle leisure game machine suitable for both adults and children. The machine takes the lotus pond frog as the theme, the whole body is given priority to with the fresh green, and matches with the lovely frog pattern, deeply liked by the children. After the game, the screen will also show the player's current game scores and the lottery. How to play At the beginning of the game, players just press the game button, the frog on the screen to grab and paste onto the big disk, you can get points and the corresponding lottery as a reward.
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