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  • prize games Noqi Cut your prize arcade prizes crane machine toys
    Introduction: Players use the two control buttons to try to make the automated scissors cut the string that holds the prize of their choice,  which releases the prize. Anyone can understand and play this game on their first try, making it a hit for all ages ! How to play: 1.Insert coins. 2.Move the scissors by controlling to choose the prize you want. 3.Keep pressing the button till it reach your target. 4.Win your prize if the rope is cut off. Features: 1.Self-developed motherboard with steady program. 2.Durable scissors blade,performs well even after working over one hundred times. 3.Challenge,adjustable probability and funny play method it’s easy for players to be addicted in it. No strict limit to the sizes or types of prizes. Both Dollar bills or Iphone can be put inside to attract players.
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