Noqi Zombie Shooting Kids Arcade Machine For Sale
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Noqi zombie shooting kids arcade machine for sale
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    Redemption Game Machine

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1.Self-developed machine with steady performance, program can be made especially for customers;
2.The machine is easily controlled with mini keyboard, visual adjustable function;
3.Return Prize ball mechanism is optional. The player could get a prize ball once he fails to win the prize, or 

before every game, the machine could give one ball first, then start the game.
4.Card system is optional.
5.The coin numbers, prize ball ratio, game degree of difficulty, game time and life value can be adjusted.

1.Insert coins to start game;
2.Use the gun to shoot the zombies.

3.Normally,there are 5 life value , during the life time, more zombies you shoot, higher goals you will get.

4.Game over if run out of life value, then you will get the prize ball. Higher goals you reach, more prize balls you will get.

5.Try to get more scores to win the prize within limit time!

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