Lucky Ball Carnival Games For Kids
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Lucky ball carnival games for kids
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    Metal, acrylic,wood

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    carnival games for sale

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  • Dimension:

    W302*D435*H310 CM

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About lucky ball carnival game for kids
Roll the ball to specific area then you will get the price!Simple but exciting!

1.All hardware chassis, beautiful appearance design, suitable for medium and large children's   playground speculation use.
2. This setting requires special management
3. This setting uses sophisticated electronic settings, please use in good environment.
Voltage : AC 220V Power :700W  Maximum power consumption 950W
4. Size: W3000MM*D3100MM *2750MM Weight: 350 kg

How to start
● Adjust the volume knob to the middle of the appropriate position.
● The machine enters the demo state, there is demo music.
● Insert coin to get the ball, directly lucky ball rolling it.
The machine consists of micro-electronic components and precision machinery components, the process can not be rain, do not in the sun exposure.

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