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  • Noqi crazy crocodile hitting game machine for kids Noqi crazy crocodile hitting game machine for kids
    Feature 1. Cool KT baffle , it can attract the kids play 2. large 100mm capsule , the kids can get small gift 3. 32 inch high-definition LCD screen 4. Stunning buttons and lights How to play 1. Insert the coin to start the game In the specified time photographed the corresponding button to prevent 5    out of the crocodile near the fence 2. each close to a game will increase the error once, each time a mistake will reduce the time of the game, crocodile sub-medium and small three, to prevent a big crocodile to take 7 scoring 35, the crocodile shot 5 under the score 25, small Crocodile take a score of 5 3.The end of the game can get the appropriate level, you can ticket or capsule FAQ 1.Minimum order quantity? ---For new customers, they can place a trial order to test the product’s quality and the sales in their markets.   2.If the voltage and plug of your product will come with my standard? ---We will 1
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