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9d virtual reality machine supplier
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    virtual reality simulator

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What is Virtual Reality 9D Cinema Simulator equipment 5d 7d 9d cinema game machine 9d VR Cinema?
    Multi-seats 360 Degree Interactive Virtual Reality 9D Cinema Simulator equipment 5d 7d 9d cinema game machine 9d VR Cinema is unique successful commercial VR product. It use VR glasses to show the 360° movies. 9D VR Cinema connects with the motion seats and bring you a totally different and real experience. You just need to wear VR glasses and then go into the world of the movies. You can move your head and press the button on the seats to shoot the target in the movies. We have different kind of movies which will show you the different experience.
    9D VR, translated as dynamic experience virtual reality platform, it's consist of (VR) glasses, dynamic special effects platform, 9d films and PC operating platform, make the audience to have the most powerful relalism sense from the auditory, visual , tactile, so that can enjoy the experience to fall, vibration and other new real feeling, immersive and fun.

9D VR Cinema has a wide range for operating and without limitation. The places where have large passenger flow are all allowed, such as: amusement park, square, theater cinema, farm, indoor and outdoor children's playground, spa resort, beach resort.

1 Seat 2 Seats 3 Seats
Voltage 110/220V 110/220V
Power 0.7Kw 1.1Kw 2.3Kw
Weight 153Kg 256Kg     640Kg
Rated load 100Kg 200Kg 300Kg
Players 1 2 3
Equipment size 900*900*1906MM 1604*848*1949MM
Packing size 1350-1100*2000MM 1820*935*2080MM 2250*2250*2150MM
Number of games VR16+5D70 VR16+5D70    

What is the features of Virtual Reality 9D Cinema Simulator equipment 5d 7d 9d cinema game machine 9d VR Cinema?
1-Free vision
 Bionic 125 ° field of view,1080P HD resolution two eyes independently, without dead ends  brings you to enjoy the new funny world with real feelings .
2-Interactive cabin with dynamic effects
The moving speed of the cabin from 10mm / s to 167mm / s can be precise regulation, make you free to move in the new wonderful world.
3-360 ° rotating platform 
 Rotating platform is based on a high level freely.Once advancing, turning around, you can have fully experience of the real pleasure from the spatial displacement of the new funny world.
4-Head tracking target
Built-in 9-axis sensor, 360 ° head tracking, you will feel your whole body into the world of film when turning around.
5-Rich content
Boundless Universal,Endless Ocean,Hail of bullets......Fantasy you ever dreamed of will come true now.
6-Amazing virtual reality experiences
Explore every wonderful creation of our world,  broadcast the moment at present,  predict the future.

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