Tips On Purchasing Kids Amusement Game Machines ⅠI
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Tips on purchasing kids amusement game machines ⅠI

Jan 12,2018

3.Visit the related supplier for a couple times to know more about the redemption game machine

The information you need to figure out in the first visit:
① To know the machines’ leading time, production site and prices.
② To know the machines’ public praise and the project performance.
③ To know if the toy crane machine suppliers have a complete necessary program, and to know if their products meet your required standard.
④ Conduct inspection and analyses on the local related sites.
⑤ Sort out the order list according to your requirement, to know the approximate required investment for game machines.
The information you need to figure out in the second visit:
① Visit some other supplier to choose the same products.
② To know the advantages and disadvantages of game machines.(Playing way,wearing parts,maintenance and operating method.)
③ The prices for wearing parts and purchasing.

4.Confirm the purchasing:
① Choose one from the shooting arcade game machine that have similar playing way to avoid repetition.
② Confirm the suitable payment method.
③ Close the deal after price negotiation of racing game machine
④ Confirm the packing way, leading time, delivery and so on.

5.After-sale service:
Confirm the detailed after sale service for game machines during the meeting, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles in the future.

In one word, while purchasing kids amusement game machines, instead of price,the more important things are quality and service.

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