Tips For Children Indoor Playground Investment
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Tips for children indoor playground investment

Jan 29,2018

The new generation of parents, their consumption concept now is growing fast, thus the demand for kids entertainment area is increasing. However, most of the existing children playgrounds nowadays are fixed in a form: only with some simple machines, never consider what ages and function that the machines suitable for, ignore the development for kids. So, how should we do to avoid all these problems when invest a new children playground?

1. Target customers

Define the age groups of your target customers, kids under 6 years, kids in primary school or teenagers.

2. The size of playground

There is limitation for the size of your project.Make the decision carefully according to the amount of target customers and your own budget.

3. Site selection

Make an investigation for the visitor flowrate and business prospect when selecting the site for playground. It’s considerable to choose the sites that next to shopping malls, super markets, big communities etc. Popularity make profits.

4. Machine selection

Choose the suitable children machines according to the demand of target customers. Old game machines might be cheap but not interactive enough, newest game machines might cost more but more attractive and available for the family.

5. Brand selection

It requires you to consider both popularity and capacity when choosing the game machine supplier. It’s also indispensable to think about the innovation and safety for machines.

It’s necessary to have personally characteristics for a long-life and profitable children playground. Create member files for a better park’s promotion and service.

Above are keys for kids playground investment, only when you pay enough attention to kids and parents can be successful in it.

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