Suggestions For Layout Of Indoor Kids Amusement Park
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Suggestions for layout of indoor kids amusement park

Jan 12,2018

Suggestions for layout of indoor kids amusement park

Entertainment zone:

Entertainment zone is the heart of the amusement park, it will bring maximum joy to customers. By playing those family interactive machines to spread the park’s theme and joy to every existing customer.

Show zone

Show zone is a concept to design the whole amusement park as a huge stage,as well as the entirely lights and music. Using a control room to control all the lights and music that in the amusement park. During the show time, change the whole amusement park into a super stage and raise all customers’ passion to the top.

Learning zone

Use advanced technology to integrate education into entertainment. Kids will feel more close if all cartoons become teachers. Keep launching new games and classes, kids will learn knowledge from the game, learning will be more funny by playing game machines.

Service zone

Provide the best service to every of your customer. A series of services are required: kids hairdressing, kids clothes, kids photograph etc. So as to improve the satisfactory and dependence of customers.

Catering zone

Catering zone is to provide customers food such as ice creams, drinks, desserts etc when they are tired. To prolong their residence time, as well as target the next game machines when having rest. It will help to improve the potential for second consumption.

Selling zone

Design a serious of products according to the theme of park. Such as toys,books,prizes and more. Customers are able to pick every gift they want, it will help to advertise the park and spread its theme.

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