Noqi 32'' Initial D8 High Quality Original Racing Game Machine
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Noqi 32'' Initial D8 high quality original racing game machine
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    Racing arcade game machine

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    W175*D120*H205 CM

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As a classic car racing game,Initial D8 delivers video arcade simulator and full contact racing in every event,and players are fully immersed in the real Japanese scene and the vivid story of Initial D.Players are able to choose their “dream ride” and the “ideal role” to join the game.



1. 32 inch high quality HD LCD screen.

2. The machine is available for single and multiple player modes.

3. Increased numbers of new cars, not only have the classic sports car, but also the country's classic popular flagship sports car, plus the upgrading of a high degree of freedom system.

4. Original Initial D8 install with Japan’s original mother board

5. Good assembling design, and easy to be maintained.

6. 16 maps for option and 8 game modes.

7. 31 type of racing car, each car have different color for option.

8. Automatic and pneumatic gears for option.

9. Dynamic steering wheel that rotate 180 degrees



1. Insert coin to start.

2. Choose a game mode.

3. Choose your favorite car;  turn the steering wheel to choose.

4. Choose the difficulty level VS CPU, 4 levels for option.

5. Adjust your seat by pulling the stick under the chair.


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