Common Mistakes In Toy Crane Machine Operation
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Common Mistakes in toy crane machine operation

Jan 12,2018

Common Mistakes in toy crane machine operation

Tough the profits of claw machine for sale is considerable, it’s not easy to operate them well. So to have a better performance, we have to clean up some mistakes in toy crane machine operation.

1. Careless about placement and think it’s okay to put them in every place.
Many operators of shopping center buy claw machine for sale cheap just for following the trend, they have no idea about placement and think it’s totally the same no matter where we put them. However,as we all know we have to think about all kinds of features for every mature business. So a good place is necessary for operating crane claw machine for sale

2. Careless about experience feeling and think no prizes out is the best.
It’s well-known that we operate them for profits, but we may don’t know that profits are based on sharing benefits. Sometimes in order to earn maximum profits, operators will prefer to set a low winning probability. However, it will only result in opposite performance, players will never come back if they find it too difficult to win.

3. Careless about innovation and think it’s okay to put whatever inside.
Toy crane machines are just machines, what’s important is the prizes we put inside. Many operators don’t understand what players like and think anything can be put in the cabinet. Sometimes even choose some totally outdated toys, it will only lead no attraction to the machines.

Japan is the bellwether in the worldwide customized claw machine game market. There must be claw machine for sale no matter where you are. And there are a large varieties of the prizes, stuffed toys, action figures, clothes, drawing etc. Nothing is impossible. And anyone will have a try no mater how old are they. So if you want to be succeed in customized claw machine game operation, you have to know the local market thoroughly.

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