Best Air Hockey Table Spare Cube Air Hockey For 4 Players
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Best air hockey table spare cube air hockey for 4 players
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    Metal, acrylic,wood

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    Best air hockey table

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About Square Cube Air Hockey
Square Cube Air Hockey features in bright painting with cute baby cartoon design mini size design especially for kiddies from 3 years old.

This is for both 2 and 4 players coin operated air hockey, appears with smooth small playfield and perfect cute table.
Easy operation. Players to win higher scores, shoot the puck into the opposite puck entrance by the pusher.There are 4 designs available.

Dimension: L1100*W1100*H750mm
Weight: 80KG
Voltage: 220v 50Hz/60Hz
Power: 380W
Player: 2 players/ 4 players

How to play
1. Insert Coin at No1 coin selector, if no coin at No2 coin selector within 10second wait time, open two gates & enter 2P mold. Get puck, start game. 
2.Within 10 seconds wait time, insert coin at No2 coin selector, other 2players enter game ,all gates open & enter 4P mold. 

3.Each player has 10score 
4.4P mold, player can hit puck into any other three gates 
5. Game time limited, player get ticket when time finish 

*When game start, each player can get 10 scores (can be set). Hit the ball into other players’ goal, that player will be deducted one score. Quit the game when zero.
*Player(s) who still have score(s) can get ticket(s) when the game is over.

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